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Hello there. That's a lovely outfit you're wearing. Simply lovely. Really compliments your figure. I can never pull that off. That's so you.

I was taught in the publishing school I never went to to always be nice to your readers, so there it is. In the case that you're reading this naked, just pretend I complimented your genitals, instead.

So. About us.

The thing about us is, we have been so many things for the past few years. My fellow editor Lex Walker and I started here as writers many years ago. In that time, we've tried to bring JustPressPlay to a standard we wanted it to. Finally, in Winter of 2010, we and our associate editors took complete ownership of the site and have since began to shape it the way we want the site to be.

And what we want is a place where the people we like—the people we respect—can write about present culture honestly, while interacting with our readers in a way that benefits them for having visited. We know that the intertubes is inundated with pop culture blogs and review sites, but we love the hell out of doing this and we hope that the content we choose to put up at least won't bore you.

It's a new JustPressPlay from now on. We're still working on it, but you should already see the results.

2011 is when everything changes. 

Arya Ponto
Editor and Webmaster



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