New Trailer for the Ken Burns Criminal Justice Documentary "The Central Park Five"


When you see the name Ken Burns in front of a documentary, whether it's about baseball or World War II, you can feel safe in assuming that you're about to settle in for a very enlightening and enthralling feature on some aspect of humanity. His latest feature with Dan David McMahon and his daughter Sarah Burns, The Central Park Five, isn't just the documentation of a social travesty in American history but an argument against a system which knowingly allowed five men to take the blame for crimes they didn't commit even as it became increasingly obvious just how forced their confessions were. This wasn't just a case of five men going to prison unjustly, this was a case of five men having their youths stolen away because the people with a responsibility to pursue alternate explanations couldn't be bothered to do so.

Ken Burns brings that story to life in The Central Park Five, and the trailer hints at another winning documentary, check it out below.

Lex Walker • Editor

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