Music Video Spotlight: Lowlakes


There's nothing quite like easing into your day from sleep to waking with a really smooth, beautiful piece of music, and that's exactly what Melbourne-based band Lowlakes specializes in. The hauntingly beautiful vocals of Tom Snowdon have echoes of Jeff Buckley floating in each note, and the instrumentation helps to create a rich, soothing sound that can just as easily sing you to sleep as it can rouse you from it. Today we've included two music videos for singles off their self-titled debut EP, and both deserve your undivided attention. The first "Song for Motion" serves as the calming lullaby and the second "Cold Company" picks up the tempo slightly while still making perfect use of Snowdon's free-flowing beckoning style. Both videos are very simple, but also very hypnotic visually and aurally.

First up, here's "Song for Motion"...

And here's "Cold Company"...

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