Music Video Spotlight: Gentlemen Hall


Sometimes you come across a song that feels like the encapsulation of pure summer or relaxation, and there's really no better way to describe Gentlemen Hall and their track "Sail into the Sun" which many people may now know due to its use in Target and Samsung commercials. (You're lying if you deny discovering new music via commercials and TV shows - everyone does this.) It's an aural joy infusion and the kind of track you can listen to over and over before eventually adding it into some kind of beach mix, assuming you do that whole playlist thing. Gentlemen Hall are currently just wrapping up a tour of shows with a final one coming on May 18th in Boston, but to tide you over until they come to a city near you, we've got the music videos for three of their songs below. Enjoy.

First, here's video for "Sail Into the Sun"...

Next up, their video for "All Our Love", another catchy track...

And here's their trippy light video for "Close to Me"

Lex Walker • Editor

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