HBO and Best Buy Let Fans Choose the Box Art for "Game of Thrones" Season Three


Eager to relive all the drama, dragony-goodness and horror (mostly horror) of the third season of HBO's Game of Thrones? Or, if you don't have HBO, waiting to catch up and understand why your friends were so traumatized a couple weeks ago? Then rejoice (or despair, if you're impatient) because HBO has announced the release date for the third season on DVD and Blu-ray to be February 18, 2014. To get you psyched for that far off day, today marks the launch of a poll on the Game of Thrones and Best Buy Facebook pages (though Best Buy isn't doing it yet) where you can vote on what you think the box art for the Best Buy-exclusive edition of the third season should be. Whether you favor the scarred visage of Peter Dinklage's Tyrion or the house logos of Lannister or Stark, the choices are pretty beautiful. Meanwhile, they've already released a preview of the box art for the general edition that will be available everywhere else.

Check it out below along with the candidates for the Best Buy exclusive artwork.

First off, here's what the box art will look like if you buy it anywhere besides Best Buy like Amazon:


It's nothing special and when compared to the iconic throne with Sean Bean and a sword of the first season, or even the golden crown of the second, it seems kind of bland. Maybe that's why this Best Buy poll exists at all. And while I think the second set of the three below is easily the best, both the second and third seem more in line with the strong imagery of the first two season sets than the generic one above does.

Here are the three you can vote on...




There's just so much detail and attention given to the sets in the second and third options that simple character posters from the first set just can't rival. Peter Dinklage is doing an amazing job as Tyrion, but as a box art cover it just seems underwhelming. Then again, those character portraits speak more to the tragedy and happenings of this last season more than any of the box art from the bottom two groups.

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