Hear "Chronicle" Writer Max Landis's Thoughts on Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel"


One of the better, most genre-defying "superhero" movies of the last few years was Max Landis's found-footage style thriller Chronicle, in which three boys gain superpowers from a meteorite only to have one of them go a bit bonkers with rage issues. His use of superhero tropes in Chronicle wasn't just a gimmick, as it stems from his longstanding love of comic books and more specifically Superman. You might then jump to the logical conclusion that he, like many other people, came away from Man of Steel feeling rather conflicted over Zack Snyder and David Goyer's rather controversial take on the blue boy scout. Your conclusion would be correct, and since Mr. Landis is prone to making a movie-related rants into web videos, it's not all that surprising that he had some interesting words about the final showdown between Henry Cavill's Supes and Michael Shannon's Zod.

For the full, 9-minute rant keep reading. Oh, and if you haven't seen Man of Steel, stay aware as there are quite a few spoilers here.

His argument tackles one of the biggest two gripes fans have had with Man of Steel, namely the huge swathes of destruction Superman and Zod cut through the city in their final battle and how all of that ends. Even if you're okay with Superman's final solution for Zod -- that even Christopher Nolan didn't think was right for the story -- Landis rather eloquently states why even that betrays the essence of Superman as a protector of humanity. Take a look.

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