Music Video Spotlight: Cameron the Public


While some music lovers take delight in a monstrous drum or guitar solo that rattles the bones or makes you see God, my preference has always been incredible vocal performances in whatever form they manifest--whether entirely natural or manipulated in some new clever electronic way. If you too have a special appreciation for talented vocalists, then you ought to meet Cameron the Public. Comprised of Cameron Rafati's striking vocals and the strong but understated instrumentals of Douglas Showalter (Guitar), Bana Haffar (Bass), Peter Dyer (Keys) and Emmanuel Cervantez (Drums), Cameron the Public feels new yet familiar thanks to Rafati's voice having a similar strength and sound to those of Coldplay's Chris Martin and Train's Pat Monahan, while adding something all its own as well.

Their first music video is for their single "Broken Door" which perfectly illustrates Cameron's vocal range. Check it out below.

Also, here's audio-only track for "Unstoppable", where the similarity between Chris Martin and Cameron's voice is clearer than ever before breaking out into something new.

Lex Walker • Editor

He's a TV junkie with a penchant for watching the same movie six times in one sitting. If you really want to understand him you need to have grown up on Sgt. Bilko, Alien, Jurassic Park and Five Easy Pieces playing in an infinite loop. Recommend something to him - he'll watch it.


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