"Dark Souls II" Closed-Beta Testing to Begin October 5th; Registration Starts September 5th


Dark Souls, one of the most devilishly, fiendishly difficult games of this last generation will be getting the sequel treatment as of March 2014, but fans in Europe and North America who want to get in on the action of Dark Souls II even sooner can do so by joining the closed-beta run that will be kicking off on October 5th. For now, details are relatively slim outside of the suggestion that fans who wish to participate should start paying close attention to the Dark Souls Facebook page which will be disseminating info on how to join the closed-beta testing program as of September 5th. Registration information will be appearing there, so if you want in, there's no other place to be.

There's no word yet as to how many spots will be open, so the closer you pay attention to the Dark Souls II Facebook announcements, the better your chances of getting one of the likely very limited spots. For gamers holding off on upgrading to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One (or just the ones with halfway decent gaming computers), Dark Souls II is one of the more exciting games debuting exclusively to current generation platforms coming out next year, so if you're going to play it eventually, why not join the beta session?

To further entice you, here's the official PR blurb and an interview with the game's director, Yui Tanimura.

The depth of the DARK SOULS II Closed-Beta experience will truly test players’ skill, intestinal fortitude, and their sheer will to survive. The DARK SOULS II Closed-Beta will delve into one of the most treacherous areas of the DARK SOULS II world; players will not only get an opportunity to explore an entirely new area of the game, but also experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical challenges, and the unrelenting difficultly that only the developers at FromSoftware can deliver.

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