Ben Affleck to be Batman in "Man of Steel" Sequel


I'd love to chalk this up to pure internet conjecture or a rumor that got wildly out of control, but if Variety and a few other sources are to be believed, Ben Affleck is Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel that has either a 'Batman vs. Superman' or 'Superman vs. Batman' somewhere in its title. It's an interesting choice, but probably not one fans are going to be too wild about. Affleck has established himself as a noteworthy director in the last few years with his last film Argo even winning Best Picture, but as an actor he's long been lukewarm. Then again, maybe bringing Mr. Affleck on was part of a long game to get him signed on as the director for the Justice League movie announced for 2017.

Here's hoping that's the motivation, because otherwise the upside of this choice beyond name recognition is hard to see. Ben Affleck is not the Batman we deserve, but the Batman Warner Brothers needs right now.

The Man of Steel sequel will be Ben Affleck's first superhero role since playing Daredevil--which was itself something of a mess, unless you watched the Director's Cut, which was still imperfect but better balanced--and I can't help but think the feel is all wrong. Of course, I'm happy to be wrong and for Affleck to be the best Batman we've ever had. If anything, he seems like he'd pull off a perfect Bruce Wayne and then have to go the Christian Bale route and put on a ridiculous grunting voice.

Commence fanboy complaint:

Is it too much to ask for an actor who oozes sheer charisma without the cowl on, and then just channels that charisma into a booming, powerful presence of menace? I've seen enough (close to all) of Ben Affleck's acting efforts, and there's nothing to suggest he can embody the menacing presence of Batman and be convincing in the process. Better options were readily available, and even the fans suggested better ideas in the comments sections of articles. Jim Caviezel, Joe Manganiello, Richard Armitage, and even Josh Brolin were some of the better names tossed out by fans, and I have to agree with them that they all would be much better suited to playing the Batman/Bruce Wayne duality.

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