Severely Indie Spotlight: "The Louise Log" - An Absurdist Webseries


In the age of crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.), projects can either live or die based on the heat generated by an audience. I’ve backed a few projects in my day, most notably the American Psycho musical, produced by Jesse Singer and Act4. For my $100 “donation” I received an autographed poster, t-shirt, flash drive and more. An exciting and nerve-wracking experience, I’ve been paying attention to crowdfunding more and more as time has gone on.

The Louise Log, created by Anne Flournoy, is a tremendous success story in that the webseries, now commencing its third season, netted around $22,000 in funding to proceed.

Garnering a cult-like following online, the show is a comedy centered around a NYC housewife and the absurd comedic events in her life. The show was apparently a favorite of Roger Ebert, who had tweeted about it in the past, as well as a favorite of Vagina Monologues-ist Eve Ensler.

A webseries has to be a difficult thing to launch, but an even more difficult thing to keep running. It’s one thing to craft a pseudo-interactive mess of confusion like Marble Hornets, but to create a three-season long series about a bohemian-esque lifestyle in New York. If you’re looking for your new addiction, The Louise Log is a neat little comedy series worthy of your viewing. Check out the show here.

Robert Ottone • Staff Writer

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