Make 'Em Laugh: Doug Stanhope's "Beer Hall Putsch"


Beer Hall Putsch brings the comedy of Doug Stanhope to your home DVD collection. His affected name for this recording is derived from Hitler’s attempts to incite a governmental revolt in beer halls (in his pre-Fuhrer days). However, the only uprising Stanhope is liable to incite is over the use of marathon runs to raise money for charities.

While Stanhope does deliver the occasional one-liner—like remember when “Robert De Niro used to be an actor” (a sentiment shared by many)—he focuses his humor more on his storytelling, infusing comedy with his engaging tales. Whether it be his surprisingly hilarious story about his mother’s suicide (it really is pretty funny) to his answer to global overpopulation through the use of incentive-based eugenics (not the worst idea) he remain self-deprecatingly aware and ready to throw in a reference to his obsession with Storage Wars and Hoarders. He only strays into the truly offensive when he rails against the use of marathons to raise money for charities or the use of ad campaigns to raise awareness about various causes (not this his observations/aggravations are entirely out of line).

He has an easygoing manner that makes him generally likable, even though his purposefully sloppy and off-tone outfit gives him an air of imbecility. He’s not the most groundbreaking stand-up comedian, but he is certainly more enjoyable than the ones who rely on racism and sexism to steal laughs from the audience (although he almost borders on the homophobic in his attempts to not be homophobic).

If you can’t get enough of his humor, there’s a 25-minute video of him making jokes with some fellow comedians before the show.

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