Tribeca Film Festival 2014: Double-Feature “Loitering with Intent” and “NOW: In the Wings..."

tribeca2014bannerThe tagline for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival suggests that film festivals are the original binge-watching experience. In that spirit, enjoy these suggestions for the perfect double-features at the Tribeca Film Festival, complete with suggested accompanying snacks. This time, it's Loitering with Intent and NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage.


Loitering with Intent

Dominic (Michael Godere) and Raphael (Ivan Martin), aspiring actors and writers living in New York City, might have finally gotten the break they desperately need after a chance meeting with a film producer looking to invest in a micro-budget film. Unfortunately, they lied about having a great original screenplay ready when they haven’t even written a word, so in order to get the money for their movie, they have to write a screenplay in 10 days.They head to Dominic’s sister Gigi’s home upstate to get some quiet and knock out a brilliant screenplay, but their solitude is disrupted when Gigi (Marisa Tomei) shows up with her somewhat unstable boyfriend Wayne (Sam Rockwell) not far behind.


NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

Director Jeremy Whelehan pulls back the curtain and gives an incredible look behind the scenes at Sam Mendes’ production of Richard III, starring Kevin Spacey. The documentary follows the production from rehearsal, to opening night, and onward as the company takes the show around the world. Interviews with the cast and crew shed light on their various creative processes and the excitement and difficulty of taking the show to Turkey, China, Australia, and Qatar.

Why They Belong Together

Both films grapple with the creative process and how a person makes good art. For Dominic and Raphael in Loitering with Intent, they need the right environment and conditions to write. They have to “do it clean,” without alcohol or Red Bull, and Dominic suggests that they take a morning walk before they begin writing for the day since Ingmar Bergman supposedly did it. The cast of Richard III in Now: In the Wings on a World Stage discuss their creative processes and how Sam Mendes made their rehearsals a safe space for actors to explore their roles.

The difference between Dominic/Raphael and the cast in NOW is that Dominic and Raphael are so consumed with the creative process that they struggle to actually make anything. If one of them drank a Red Bull, the whole day is ruined. To Dominic’s credit, he sees that Raphael is stalling, and he writes a draft almost entirely on his own. In contrast, it is important to the cast of Richard III to be surrounded by great actors who are ready to work. All of these actors come from different training and varying schools of thought when it comes to acting, and instead of trying to fit everyone into one way of thinking, they play with the script in rehearsal and allow each other to fall and to fail.

Watching Loitering with Intent first, the audience gets to see what happens when aspiring writers or artists get too caught up in the conditions around them. Watching NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage second, the audience gets to see what happens when talented artists come together and work. Even when their hotel in China is under construction and everyone is short on sleep, they are still on stage and delivering performances that most actors only dream of.

Suggested Snack

Those little bite-sized snacks and tea from the marketplace when Richard III toured to Turkey.


It was incredible to see Spacey develop his character from rehearsal to performance, and I would love it if NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage was released on Blu-ray along with the entire filmed stage production. Considering the final comments by Mendes in the film, however, this is probably wishful thinking.

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