NBC Officially Cancels "Community"


Despite all the fan love and outcries of support, NBC has finally done what many suspected was inevitable since its second season: cancelled Dan Harmon's Community. Then again, it was really only 4/5 Dan Harmon's thanks to his dismissal from the show for the fourth season that led to many really unfortunate episodes, a handful of decent ones, and the unfortunately poor wrap up of a number of really great ideas in some very unsatisfying ways (see: alternate timeline season 4 finale). The fifth season was only slightly better despite Harmon's return to the writer's chair, but by then the already weak ratings that kept Community on the will they, won't they cancellation bubble had sunk to a low that made this fate all the more certain. At least we got a season 5 finale that felt suitably final.

And so, with the mantra of "six seasons and a movie" officially spoiled (unless another network picks it up a la Cougar Town at TBS?), let us take a few moments of silence to say goodbye to one of the most pop culture savvy shows of the last decade.

Here are some fan-made "best moments" reels to help you mourn.

If you're hungry for more Dan Harmon-created comedy, check out Rick & Morty on Adult Swim. The first episode is a little rough, but by the fourth episode onward, it's consistently hysterical.

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