Tomorrowland, Big Hero 6, and More Highlights from NYCC - Thursday

Thursday was the official kick-off for New York Comic Con 2014. In the past, Thursday has been mainly for press, exhibitors, and eager con-goers wanting to get a jump on exclusive merchandise. This year, however, Disney opened New York Comic Con with a bang with panels for Big Hero 6 and the highly anticipated Tomorrowland. There was more to Thursday than just the main hall, however, so read on for a rundown of best pictures, quotes, and highlights for Thursday.

 "You were in Yogi Bear!" ~Chris Hardwick  "Yogi Bear 3D!" ~T.J. Miller, on past ventures into family movies

"I can't believe my life right now...last year, I was out there at the convention with all of you. I've never been able to get into this room, and here I am!" ~Scott Adsit, on NYCC main hall events

"These guys are onto something powerful and moving and uplifting...The scale of the thing boggles the mind." ~Hugh Laurie, on the vision of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof with Tomorrowland

"It is not lost on me that I am spending my honeymoon here. Actually, I thought I was permanently dis-invited after Batman & Robin! I saw Adam West back there, and he said, 'I'm sorry.'" ~George Clooney, at the Tomorrowland panel

"When Storm came along, it was like whoa, because her powers weren't her blackness!" ~#WeNeedDiverse (Comic) Books Panel, on racial diversity in comic books

"How do we get DC and Marvel to re-think their audience? Well, we don't have to. We can leave them behind." ~Matt Bird, on publishers like Scholastic offering a more diverse selection of comic books and graphic novels

"Librarians often don't read the comics they are buying. I can't tell you how many times I've found Watchmen in the children's or YA section!" ~Amie Wright, at the #WeNeedDiverse (Comic) Books Panel

"We need diverse, because duh!" ~I.W. Gregario, on why diverse comic book characters, authors, and styles matter

"Right now, there is a high barrier of quality, that it has to be perfect. We need to break down that barrier of entry." ~Annie Mok, on the difficulties of creating more diverse comic books

"If you were a dinosaur, that would be amazing!" ~Kieron Gillen, in response to an audience comment about gender/sexuality labels

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