New Clips from Big Hero 6, Tomorrowland Premiere at NYCC 2014


Brand new clips from Walt Disney Picture's upcoming films Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland premiered on Thursday at New York Comic Con. Since cameras were strictly not allowed in the hall once the presentation began, here are recaps of all five Big Hero 6 clips as well as the brand-new teaser and extended clip from Tomorrowland.


Big Hero 6

In Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) is a rebellious and brilliant kid with a love for underground robot fights. In order to put him on the right path, his brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) brings him out to stay with him in San Fransokyo and encourages him to spend time at the university lab with him. Tadashi also introduces Hiro to his newest invention, Baymax (Scott Adsit), a robot nurse and medical assistant. When a mysterious man in a kabuki mask starts terrorizing the city, Hiro outfits Baymax with a super suit and trains him to fight.

Clip #1: The first clip is Hiro and Tadashi touring the university lab and meeting Tadashi's eccentric colleagues. Among his science pals is Go Go Tamago (Jamie Chung), who is working on a super-speed bicycle; Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), who is working on lasers slicers and obsesses over his neat and tidy workstation; Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), who is working on...well, something pink and explosive; and Fred (T.J. Miller), the school mascot who wants the scientists to transform him into a monster.

From this clip, I already love all of these characters. They all bring something unique and fun to the team dynamic, and they all get their own big laugh moment, my favorite being Honey Lemon's pink explosive ball.

Clip #2: The second clip is Hiro returning home with Baymax, whose battery is running low. Most of the clip has already been seen in the trailer with Baymax stumbling around and giggling drunkenly. I've seen this scene before, but Baymax's "Hairy Baby" line still cracks me up.

This full clip, however, does show off something important, which is Maya Rudolph's character, Aunt Cass. She is acting as a motherly figure to Hiro, making him dinner and asking him about school, and her affection for Hiro is very touching.

Clip #3: The third clip is a training montage. Hiro builds the first armor for Baymax and teaches him karate, but Baymax doesn't understand how karate will make him a better nurse. Hiro explains that Baymax fighting with him will improve his emotional health, and Baymax accepts this explanation very easily.

The best part about the scene is how Hiro teaches Baymax karate. He hooks up a portable drive to his TV and records fight choreography from old martial arts movies. It also has a sweet moment when Hiro teaches Baymax how to fist-bump, which I guarantee every kid in America will be imitating and repeating to death.

Clip #4: The fourth clip is a chase scene with Hiro, Baymax, Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon on the run from the man in the kabuki mask. It is a car chase through the streets of San Fransokyo, and the man in the kabuki mask is riding his legion of micro-bots like a tidal wave.

This is a fantastic chase sequence that really shows off the city of San Fransokyo and has some great little moments of comic relief. My favorite part was Wasabi, the get-away driver, keeping annoyingly conscious of traffic laws, including staying under the speed limit and stopping for traffic lights.

Clip #5: The fifth and final clip is less of a clip and more of a trailer or music video with footage from the film. Still, it ended the panel on a high note and left the audience excited for Big Hero 6, including me. The whole presentation impressed me, and Big Hero 6 has now shot to the top of my most-anticipated movies for the last few months of 2014.


Teaser Trailer: Casey (Britt Robertson), a teenage girl, is getting out of jail, and while she is getting her few personal items back from a correctional officer, she glances over to the TV where there is news footage playing of a violent riot. The whole color scheme and feel of the world is drab and dreary, decidedly pessimistic. Among her personal possessions is a pin with the Tomorrowland logo, which she insists is not hers. When she picks it up, however, she is transported to another world. She drops the pin immediately and stares at it in wonder. She picks it up again, and she is transported to an enormous field of grain. Off in the distance is a fantastical city, very reminiscent of the Land of Oz. A voiceover from George Clooney invites her to imagine a place where people can change the world. Cut to Clooney sitting in front of a row of TV monitors, asking, “Would you want to go?” The title card of Tomorrowland comes up, and then cuts to a shot of Casey in the middle of that far-off city. A flying figure that looks an awful lot like Iron Man flies over her.

Extended Clip: Casey goes searching for Frank Walker (George Clooney) who lives in a farm house off the beaten path. She shows him the pin and demands that he take her to that world, and he says absolutely not. Despite the house looking very run-down, Frank has fortified the house with all sorts of defenses to keep people out, but Casey lures him outside by setting a fire and then locks him out of the house.

He finally gets back into the house, but before he can throw her out, a smiling man in a suit appears on his front lawn and demands that Frank turn Casey over to him. He refuses, and the suited man and his gang of suited men, who all turn out to be androids, storm the house. Frank and Casey run to an escape pod in the upstairs bathtub, and along the way, the androids are taken out one by one by Frank’s various traps. The final android tries to pry open the bathtub/escape pod, but it takes off like a rocket, leaving the house completely destroyed.

After seeing the teaser trailer and extended clip, I don’t want to see any more footage from Tomorrowland before the film’s release next year. Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof gave me just enough to ensure me that this is my type of movie, and if anything, they gave me more than what I expected. Before the panel, I knew about the nostalgia factor and the tie-ins to the World’s Fair and the Carousel of Progress, but I didn’t know the film would have such a strong science-fiction bent. I also know the feeling that the world is broken and beyond repair, and any film that promotes optimism and science’s power to change the world is admirable in my eyes. Before the panel, I was excited for Hugh Laurie, George Clooney, and the talents of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof, but now, I cannot wait to see Tomorrowland.

Stay tuned all weekend for more panels, interviews, events and great cosplaying costumes at New York Comic Con!

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