"Birdman," "Once Upon a Time," and More Highlights From NYCC - Friday


Friday at New York Comic Con is over, and wow, it was a busy day! On the main stage, there was ABC’s Once Upon a Time, as well as Michael Keaton and Edward Norton’s new film Birdman. Meanwhile, “Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender and the Comic Book Medium” was at full capacity (and then some!), and it definitely did not disappoint with a wide variety of artists, writers, and creators. Here are the highlights from Friday, including a preview of Michael Keaton and Edward Norton's new film Birdman, social justice superheroes, and great cosplay from New York Comic Con!

“That sense of invisibility, that you don’t fit that mold of what they think of comic book artists. I walk into rooms, and people say, ‘We’re not ready for you,’ meaning the cleaning staff. I’ve had that experience many times, but I prefer to not come out. A big part of my work is being able to work, being able to stay, and I haven’t left yet. I’m still here. I’ll be here when this wanes.” ~Alitha Martinez, penciler and inker for Iron Man, X-Men, and Avengers, on being a woman of color working in the comic book industry

“It’s insulting to me to think that just because it’s a black woman’s perspective, that nobody is going to be interested in it. How can you even say that to me?” ~Barbara Brandon-Croft, author of Where I’m Coming From, the first nationally syndicated comic written by a female African-American cartoonist

“When it comes to sci-fi, a lot of these worlds are the worlds that are supposed to be our actual future, predicting our future, and if we aren’t in the future, then they are writing us out. Changing it in the past, and they are changing the future for us.” Jamila Rowser, blogger at GirlGoneGeekBlog.com, on the dangers of science-fiction excluding people of color


“I just liked watching Leroy yell, ‘Evil Snowman!’” ~Edward Kitsis, co-creator and executive producer of Once Upon a Time, on the season premiere

“It’s never lupus.” ~Jennifer Morrison, star of Once Upon a Time, on her previous role on House

“The show really did start on the conflict between the two of them and the growing and changing relationship between the two of them, and there is an episode coming up where we really do explore that, and it sort of takes off from the idea we saw in the premiere of Emma believing that she has to bring everyone their happy ending, including Regina.” ~Adam Horowitz, co-creator and executive producer of Once Upon a Time, on the relationship between Emma and Regina

“I can say that next week will be Emma and Hook’s first proper date…and it will not be at Granny’s.” ~Edward Kitsis, on the future of Emma and Hook’s romance

“Film schools will be dissecting [Birdman] for years to come.” ~Edward Norton

“I’ve never seen any of my movies, really, for 10 years. I’ve seen Birdman two and a half times, and I’m going to watch it again tomorrow.” ~Michael Keaton

“I have some funky karma with that theater.” ~Edward Norton, on the Fox Studios theater where he saw Fight Club for the first time and just recently saw his second film in that theater, Birdman

“Nothing wrong with a good cock fight!” ~Chris Hardwick, on cock fighting

Be sure to check out Thursday's recap, and stay tuned for more coverage from New York Comic Con throughout the weekend, including more panels, interviews, and cosplayers!

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