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Saturday at New York Comic Con is traditionally the biggest day as far as events, special guests, and crowds, and 2014 was no different. The stars of FX’s hit comedy The League including Paul Scheer, Mark Duplass, and Nick Kroll screened a new episode and answered questions from the fans. Meanwhile on the other side of the Javits Center, writers Gail Simone, Paul Tobin, and Brian Wood talked about the challenges of adapting beloved video games to comic books, and the stars of Black Dynamite, The Heart, She Holler, and Mike Tyson Mysteries talked about this year’s new Adult Swim programming. Read on for a full rundown of Saturday’s highlights, including The League, Bee & Puppycat, Dark Horse, and Adult Swim!


“We’re all put on ice, like Demolition Man.” ~Paul Scheer, star of The League, on what the characters do during football’s off-season

“We do Doctors Without Borders, get all of our good impulses out so we can s--- all over each other when we come back.” ~Mark Duplass, star of The League, on what the characters do during football’s off-season

“The bear auditioned in season 1, and we’ve been trying to find a place for him in the cast. He auditioned for Rafi, actually. It came down to me or the bear.” ~Jason Mantzoukas, star of The League, on the bear featured in an upcoming episode of The League

“You’re eating in the bathroom. I’m leaving.” ~Puppycat, star of Bee & Puppycat, from an early preview of a new episode

“I want it to be a love letter to Sailor Moon…the original series.” ~Natasha Allegri, creator of Bee & Puppycat, on how Sailor Moon influences her work with Bee & Puppycat

“Start writing stories, and then write more of them and more of them and more of them, and one day, one of them will be good.” ~Fred Seibert, producer of Bee & Puppycat and head of Frederator Studios, on improving as a storyteller

“I’ve only ever gotten one note, which is not to swear, and I can do that now!” Natasha Allergri, on the creative freedom of online-only shows

“I like a guy who hits you with a spell and then lops your head off!” ~Paul Tobin, author, on writing The Witcher comic book

“Get the facts first before you get all upset about something.” ~Gail Simone, author, on internet outrage and the Tomb Raider controversy

“In Eve, you’re in a cockpit looking out, and I have to make this a story.” ~Brian Wood, author, on the challenges of adapting the video game Eve to a comic book series

“What does monster mean? Is it a 7-foot-tall guy with three heads, or a child killer who happens to be human by birth?” ~Paul Tobin, on the nature of man vs. monster

“Video games help me to be a better writer.” ~Gail Simone, on why she makes time for video games

“We just jumped in all the way this season.” ~Carl Jones, writer and producer for Black Dynamite, on the show dipping its toe into controversy

“We got the man himself, Melvin Van Peebles, and Samuel L. Jackson!” ~Michael Jai White, star of Black Dynamite, on guest stars this season

“She was in Eraserhead, what have you done?” John Lee, co-creator and co-director of The Heart, She Holler, on Judith Roberts’ career

“She is fearless and without ego.” ~Scott Adsit, star of The Heart, She Holler, on the joys of working with Amy Sedaris

“Wait, you want this show to feel real? There is a ghost and a talking pigeon!” ~Larry Wilmore, panel moderator, on Adult Swim’s new animated show Mike Tyson Mysteries

“I was aware of Scooby.” ~Mike Tyson, star of Mike Tyson Mysteries, on the show’s similarities to Scooby-Doo

“In one episode, there is a brutal murder. They really should call the police.” ~Hugh Davidson, producer of Mike Tyson Mysteries, on Tyson’s various adventures and mysteries

“So Mike is homeschooling her? Another mystery of the Mike Tyson Mysteries!” ~Larry Wilmore, on Mike Tyson homeschooling his TV daughter Yung Hee

“At the end of the day, at the end of the game, it is, ‘God, help me please.’” ~Mike Tyson, on living life and finding strength in the midst of adversity

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