The Gambler Remake Slated for December Release


James Toback’s The Gambler has been remade by film director Rupert Wyatt this year and will hit the cinemas globally on December 19. The film, which will star Mark Wahlberg as Jim Bennett a failing English professor who is struggling to hold down a respectable job while engaging frequently in high stakes gambling is joined by the enigmatic John Goodman in what promises to be a great end to a year of amazing movies.

The_Gambler_posterThe film debuted at this year’s American Institute Film Festival (AFI Fest) in November in Hollywood, California. The 8-day film festival which takes place every fall, showcased The Gambler as one of its marquee debuts during the event. It is also the first film that Wahlberg has worked on in 2014, as he has been busy wrapping up his production duties with the highly successful HBO series Boardwalk Empire. 

Wahlberg who replaces the iconic James Caan in the film’s lead role is said excited to see how the film will be received by film fans across the world. Although, hopefully the fans will receive it a little better than the majority of film hacks who have lambasted it in many of its early reviews. Its in stark contrast to how the 1974 original fared, gaining cult status as one of the best gambling-themed movies of all time.

Here’s the official trailer to The Gambler:

But regardless of its reception so far by the film industry’s leading journalists, The Gambler is tapping into a niche that has prospered over the last 20 years with movies such as Rounders, Casino Royale and Runner Runner all gaining widespread success. Casino gaming has gained popularity ever since the early films glamorized it in Cincinnati Kid and similar flicks. Fast forward to the 1990s when online gaming saw its inception through InterCasino and now with it commanding primetime slots on television – casino-themed films have become big draws. Paramount foresaw this appeal and forced their hand to remake The Gambler hoping it would garner the same acclaim as its original.

Whether The Gambler can do its 1974 original justice remains to be seen, but its does serve as an interesting end to 2014. And what better way to usher in Christmas time than taking a gamble on Mark Wahlberg’s latest movie.

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