Robert Plant Turns Down $200 million for Zeppelin Reunion Tour

So, maybe that Led Zeppelin reunion tour won\'t be happening after all.

Sunday Mirror reports that the Zeppelin frontman has turned down £100 million ($200 million U.S) to lead a Led Zeppelin reuion tour.

Plant once again sites the new partnership with country singer Alison Krauss as his main musical focus.

A band source reportedly said: "Despite the enormous offer, the decision did not come down to money. They always said they would do the one-off show and then see how they felt. Jimmy [Page] had enjoyed the concert in December enough to want to tour. He argued they still had something to offer. He likes the idea of another chapter in the band — the grown-up tour. John [Paul Jones] sided with Jimmy. He loved making music with the others again. But Robert wanted to leave last year\'s concert as their legacy. They had proved they could still do it and that was enough. He has other commitments and is happier looking forward to those. Robert put the mockers on the tour."

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