"Swing Vote" Viral: Dennis Hopper Hates Abortions

Swing Vote is a movie that comes just in time for the election season: a topical comedy making fun of the cumbersome campaigns. In this movie, we are presented with the ridiculous scenario of the American future being down to one man's vote: a politically apathetic man named Bud Johnson (Kevin Costner). As a result, the Republican President (Kelsey Grammer) and the Democratic candidate (Dennis Hopper) have to direct their entire campaign to convince one man.

They've released some campaign ads and you can take a look here. The joke is that the two candidates are taking the "swing to the middle" strategy to new extremes, so the Republican is advocating gay marriage and the Democrat is combating abortions.

This one's a smear campaign:

I suppose we can also point out the irony in that both Hopper and Grammer are Republicans. Who says they can't be funny?

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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