"Hulk vs Wolverine" or "Hulk vs Thor"? Why Not Both?

Marvel has released the first trailer for Hulk vs Wolverine, a segment from their latest direct-to-video project Hulk vs. This 33-minute short feature is packaged for DVD and Blu-ray with the 45-minute film Hulk vs Thor, currently still in the making.

Seeing how their previous DTV efforts like Ultimate Avengers and The Invincible Iron Man were supposed to be Marvel's answer to DC's successful and far superior track record in animation but ended up being awful distractions, it's amusing that they're going straight to the candy this time. Let's just have Wolverine fight Hulk for 30 minutes. That's good, right? Well, this trailer looks pretty good, anyway.

They're still working on Hulk vs Thor, but Hulk vs Wolverine is complete and will have their world premiere at this coming Comic Con. They'll screen the film with a panel about the project on Thursday, July 24 at the con's big room (Hall H). If you're going, be sure to catch it, otherwise you'd have to wait six more months like the rest of them lowly mortals.

Hulk vs. has a release date of January 2009.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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