Is Lionsgate Disowning "Midnight Meat Train"?

I am both a big Clive Barker and Ryuhei Kitamura fan. I'm also one of those people who find Vinnie Jones' limited acting chops amusing to watch. A crazy horror movie concocted by these three individuals should have surely injected blood into my crotch area with fervor. Yet, despite this awesome trio, I saw the trailer for Midnight Meat Train months ago (all the way back in January) and decided that it looked like ass. I remember it playing before a press screening of Rambo and a roomful of critics exploded in laughter when the title came on. Sure, the gay subtext in the title was most likely intentional on Barker's part, but it's still an awful title for a horror movie. Gay or not, it sounded like a crappy porno, period. That was the last time I gave any thought about this movie.

Until yesterday.

You see, Friday was the release date of Midnight Meat Train. If you didn't know that, don't be alarmed. It's not because you are uninformed. It's not because you're too busy anticipating The Mummy 3 or Swing Vote. It's not because you're still planning on seeing The Dark Knight for the 12th time. No, it's because, for whatever reason, Lionsgate doesn't seem to give a f--k.

Midnight Meat Train was not screened for critics. Ironically, it was screened last week at Comic Con and got positive reviews from the few journalists that managed to attend (not I). The marketing for it is virtually non-existent. Lionsgate's main website makes no mention of the movie, even though they proudly display the poster and trailer for Disaster Movie. The film's official site had been abandoned—no updates since it first launched; it doesn't even have the film's release date and MPAA rating. And yet, that's not the weird part.

Lionsgate opened the film with a limited release. Understandable, sure, it happens all the time. But when was the last time you've heard of a new movie going straight to dollar theaters? Because that's what's happening to this movie. Yes, if you happen to live near a raggedy run-down dollar theater that's playing this film, you can watch it for one or two bucks. Are they trying to make as little money as possible?

Naturally, all this mystery got me curious to see the damn thing, even more than the positive buzz. Unfortunately, it's not playing anywhere in the Bay Area, so I'm powerless to contribute my dollar to the movie. But a-ha, the coy Mr. Disgusting over at Bloody-Disgusting devised a brilliant plan that I'm supporting. With the blessing of Mr. Barker himself, B-D is rallying horror fans to tell Lionsgate to cut the shit by selling out Midnight Meat Train. If you're pissed that the movie is not going to a theater near you, find a theater that has it and buy a ticket. It's only $1. For the price of seeing one crappy Mummy sequel no one asked for, you can buy 10 seats for Midnight Meat Train and hopefully help the filmmakers out of being screwed like this.

Here's a list of theaters playing the film, courtesy of Dread Central:

Western US

Tiffany plaza 6 in (Denver, CO)
Temeku Discount Cinema (Temecula,CA)
Cinemark Movies 10 (Cathedral City,CA) (Tickets Online!)
La Mirada Dollar Movie 7 (La Mirada,CA)
Cinemark Movies 12 Lancaster (Lancaster,CA)
Bell Canyon Pavilions 8 (Phoenix,AZ)
Superstition Mall (Mesa,AZ)
Cinemark Movies 8 (Provo,UT)
Cinemark Valley Fair 9 (West Valley City,UT)
Cinemark Movies West 8 Cinema (Albuquerque,NM)
Cinemark Sugar House 10 (Salt Lake City,UT)
Cinemark Movies 8 Theatre (Albuquerque,NM)
East Pointe Movies 12 (El Paso,TX)
Cinemark Movies 12 (Springfield,OR)
Westgate Mall Cinema 6 (Amarillo,TX)
Gateway Movies 8 (Federal Way,WA) (Tickets Online!)
Cinemark Movies 12 (Laredo,TX)
Cinemark Movies 16 (San Antonio,TX)
Northpark 7 (Oklahoma City,OK)
Robinson Crossing 8 (Norman,OK)
Crossroads Movies 8 (Oklahoma City,OK)
Cinemark Round Rock-Discount Movies 8 (Round Rock,TX)
Cinemark Movies 8 (North Richland Hills,TX)
Palace Theatre West (Wichita,KS)
Starplex Irving Cinema 10 (Irving,TX)
Movies 8 (Lewisville,TX)
Cinemark Tandy 10 ILittle Rock, AK) (Tickets Online!)
Nuart on Santa Monica August 15th at midnight

Eastern US

Carmike Maxi-Saver 12 (West Mifflin, PA) (Tickets Online!)
Cinemark Movies 10 (Rochester,NY) (Tickets Online!)
Millcreek Cinema 6 (Erie,PA)
Cinemark Movies 8 (Youngstown,OH)
Cinemark Willoughby Hills Movies 10 (Wickliffe,OH)
Cinemark Movies 10 (North Canton,OH)
Cinemark Movies 10 (Lynchburg,VA)
Silver Cinemas - Macomb Mall (Roseville,MI)
Cinema 10 (Mansfield,OH)
Carmike Blue Ridge 14 (Raleigh,NC)
Starplex Cinemas - Mesquite Cinemas 10 (Mesquite, TX)
Cinemark Movies 16 Warren (Warren,MI)
Cinemark Movie 12 (Columbus,OH)
Danbarry Dollar Saver Huber Hgts. (Huber Heights,OH)
Danbarry Dollar Saver S. Dayton (Dayton,OH)
Cinemark Movies 10 (Matthews,NC)
Kerasotes Richmond Cinema 10 (Richmond,IN)
Coventry 13 (Fort Wayne,IN)
Danbarry Dollar Saver Cinemas W. Hills (Cincinnati,OH)
Danbarry Cinemas Turfway (Florence,KY)
Carmike 10 Lexington (Lexington,KY)
Cinemark University Park 6 (Mishawaka,IN)
Washington Market Movies 8 (Indianapolis,IN)
Cinemark Movies 8--Greenwood Corners (Indianapolis,IN)
Greentree Cinema 10 (Clarksville,IN)
Premiere Nasa Dollar 8 (Premiere Cinema Movies) (Webster, TX)
Carmike Movies 7 (Knoxville,TN)

Marcus Regency Cinemas (Racine,WI) (Tickets Online!)
Carmike 10 (Birmingham, AL)
Touchstar Colonial Promenade 6 (Orlando, FL)
Carmike Palm Cinema 3 (Lakeland, FL)
Stockyards 8 (Omaha, NE)
Cinemark Movies 10 (Fayetteville, GA)
GTC Town Center Value 10 (Lawrenceville, GA)
Venture Cinema (Duluth, GA)

As you can clearly see, most of these theaters don't even have online ticketing. But the six that do, I've included links to where to buy tickets for your convenience.

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