RUMORED: A Veronica Mars Movie?

veronica-mars-season-3-20070614050127049.jpg24, Arrested Development, Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama, Sex and the City, Miami Vice, etc. The list goes on and on and on. If you haven't already figured out these are TV shows given the silver screen treatment. And now, you can add Veronica Mars to that list - maybe.'s Michael Ausiello reports that he had a meeting with Rob Thomas to discuss the plans for a new Veronica Mars movie.

"It's very tough to focus on it right now with two pilots on my plate," adds Thomas, referring to his two ABC projects, a reworking of his '90s dramedy Cupid and an adaptation of the New Zealand series Outrageous Fortune. "But as soon as I have any free time, that's my top priority."

Rob Thomas's wildly popular WB series Veronica Mars ran for three seasons before finding that pink slip in its hands. Starring Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni as a father-daughter crime-solving team, Veronica Mars followed its titular protagonist through two years of high school and a rather traumatizing year of college. If anything can be said for this show it's this: the season finales were always, ALWAYS, a good watch. Especially season 2 - in my opinion.

Unfortunately - yes, there's an unfortunately - there's no sign that the film is aimed with any other intention besides paying a little fan service. So all you VM fans with your fingers crossed for a renewed Network attachment to Veronica - don't get your hopes up. Both Bell and Colantoni have moved on to new series. Bell made a debut to Heroes in the second season while Colantoni finds himself headlining the CBS sniper drama Flashpoint.

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