"Death Race" Remake Plagiarizes Another?

3910_dr1_1219262474.jpgPaul W.S. Anderson's Death Race, opening this Friday, is a remake of Roger Corman's cult classic Death Race 2000, but beyond the fact that it's a deadly race, it bears almost no similarity to the original. That means Anderson—who was given a "story by" credit—came up with the new story, right? Not according to this guy. Writer Adam Stone filed a lawsuit claiming that the movie ripped off his screenplay.

THR reports that Stone claims he pitched his screenplay called Joust to Anderson and Death Race producer Jeremy Bolt, but they passed on the project. Stone is accusing Bolt of making a copy of Joust and giving it to Anderson as a "blueprint" for Death Race, noting at least 39 elements in film that mirror his screenplay. He wants a court order to prevent the release of the movie. Can that be accomplished in two days?

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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