Snow Patrol Readies New Album

snowpatrolcoverart.jpgAs one of the most popular UK exports over the past decade, you've probably heard of Glasgow's indie rockers Snow Patrol. The band took over radio airwaves in both Britain and the States with their 2006 #1 album Eyes Open.

With all of the sudden success of the band recently, few people may realize that this band has been around and rocking for fourteen years. On October 28th Snow Patrol will release the anticipated follow up to the seven-times platinum Eyes Open, titled A Hundred Million Suns.

A Hundred Million Suns
will be the band's fifth studio album, though none of the group's four previous albums have had nearly the amount of high expectations that this one is burdened with. The album was recorded throughout the Summer of 2008 in Hansa Studios in Berlin (where David Bowie recorded “Low,” “Heroes” and “Lodger”) and at Grouse Lodge deep in the Irish countryside.

The sound of the new disc, according to the band's drummer Jonny Quinn, is "still very much melody based." He also seems rather pleased by the new record saying, "I'd go as far as to say I think it's our best album yet." Frontman Gary Lightbody agrees, adding "Musically, Lyrically and Sonically (it's) the best record we've made."

The album will feature eleven songs, including the song "Take Back The City," which will be the disc's first single. The album will end with an epic, three-part, sixteen minute album closer titled "The Lightning Strike." Check out a clip of "Take Back The City" below, and remember to check back with us next month for our review of A Hundred Million Suns.

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