Celebrities Agree: DON'T VOTE!

Here's the deal. Leonardo DiCaprio's production company made this PSA urging young people to register to vote before it's too late. The concept is that it's a smorgasbord of celebs telling them NOT to vote... unless they care about the issues at stake. The PSA is called "5 Friends" because they want you to send the video to 5 people you know, and then they send it to 5 people they know, etc. Like a viral video, or as Sarah Silverman put it, "like herpes but positive." If this shit works half as well as Cloverfield's marketing did, we'll have a pretty good election.

Watch the video here and then send it to 5 people you know. NSFW language, mostly because of Jonah Hill, that foul mouthed boy.

List of people in the video: Amy Adams, will.i.am, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Connolly, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Jonah Hill, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine, Laura Linney, Eva Longoria, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Ethan Suplee, Kyra Sedgwick, Michelle Trachtenberg, Usher, and Forest Whitaker.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

As former Editor of JPP, Arya likes to entertain peeps with his thoughts on pop culture, when he's not busy watching Battle Royale for the 200th time. He lives in Brooklyn with a comic book collection that's always the most daunting thing to move with, and writes for Artboiled.com.


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