Indiana Jones and the George Lucas O Face

lucas-oface.jpgSouth Park is back!

The biggest balls on television had its return last night, and it couldn't have been more satisfying, especially to all of us who had to suffer the indignation of watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In the episode, the boys confront the traumatizing experience of watching the film, which they remember vividly as "George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raping Indiana Jones." The phrase "they raped my childhood" gets thrown around a lot on the internet, but when you're Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you don't just say that. You take it to the full extent of that statement.

Check out this harrowing flashback clip to how the boys' memorial day weekend went:

It gets much worse.

One of the several rape scenes depicted was a parody of the Jodie Foster movie The Accused, with Lucas and Spielberg raping Indy in the middle of a bar. The most disturbing thing in the entire episode? George Lucas' terrifying "O" face. Later on it's Spielberg's turn to be the rapist in a scene that parodies one of the most famous rape scenes in movie history.

Watch the full episode now at South Park Studios. Then take a shower.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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