"South Park" Bet on Obama Win

This week on South Park, the show did the impressive feat of airing an episode about Barack Obama's election win less than 24 hours after the announcement. South Park has always had amazingly fast turnaround when it comes to recent events, but "About Last Night..." was not just fast, it was damn fast. So how did they do it? Make an episode that's just waiting to have the winner inserted? Make two different episodes depending on the outcome?

Nope. They just bet Obama would win and hoped they got it right.

Trey Parker told LA Times that while every other Obama supporter was crossing fingers Tuesday night because they wanted change, he was doing the same just so his episode makes sense.

"Well, we're just going to make the Obama version, and if McCain somehow wins, we're basically just totally screwed," Parker said.

That doesn't mean it was prepared well in advance, though. South Park studios has a habit of doing things at the last minute. They often pull all-nighters Tuesday nights during a season, only locking an episode the morning of the day it's supposed to air. For this episode, they finished three hours past their usual wrap time, since they had to record and animated re-enactments of both Obama and McCain's Tuesday night speeches.

Parker also said the idea for the episode came to him upon hearing about a joke on their nemesis show Family Guy, equating the Republican ticket to Nazis.

He called the scene, which showed the Stewie character dressed in a Nazi uniform and outfitted with a McCain-Palin button, "lame" -- amongst a series of expletives not suitable for publication.

Watch the full uncensored episode here.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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