"Not Another Not Another Movie"—How They Broke My Brain

disaster movieWith spoof movies like Epic Movie, Superhero Movie and Disaster Movie so reliably produced every year like the bastard cousin of the Saw franchise, I used to say that it's only a matter of time until they decide to do Spoof Movie. I just didn't think it would actually get made. Furthermore, it's not just a spoof of spoof movies. The spoof of the spoof movies is a movie within a movie, which tells the making of a spoof movie. What?

This idea is either the dumbest thing ever conceived by sub-intelligent beings or a brilliant piece of metafiction conjured up by a divine entity birthed from the synchronized acid trips of Hunter S. Thompson and the ghost of Aristotle.

Titled Not Another Not Another Movie, this indie comedy features names like Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen and "Stuttering" John Melendez, The Hollywood Reporter says. In the movie, Chevy Chase is a studio head who quits his company and leaves it to his ex-con brother Michael Madsen, who then puts gangster Vinnie Jones in charge, who then hires a lowly PA to direct a spoof movie about spoof movies. Burt Reynolds plays an actor who plays the director of a spoof movie.

Somewhere, the space-time continuum weeps in its bath tub.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

As former Editor of JPP, Arya likes to entertain peeps with his thoughts on pop culture, when he's not busy watching Battle Royale for the 200th time. He lives in Brooklyn with a comic book collection that's always the most daunting thing to move with, and writes for Artboiled.com.


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