Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong with Nunchucks

For whatever bizarre reason, Nokia has just released a special limited Bruce Lee Edition of their Nokia N96 phone. Maybe because this Thursday would've been the Master's 68th birthday had he not died. Or maybe because Bruce Lee is just freakin' awesome and honoring him defies "occasions." I don't know.


To promote this phone, Nokia produced a viral video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks. Of course, the guy doesn't look anything like Bruce Lee, but whatever, the point is the real Bruce Lee would have been able to do this with his little Dragon.

The Bruce Lee Edition comes with a Nokia N96 engraved with Bruce Lee's likeness and signature on the back, a Bruce Lee action figure in his famous Game of Death outfit, and a pair of mini nunchucks (pictured below).


This phone is only available in Hong Kong and China. Now before you go on eBay and try to find one, the list price of this thing runs for $1,290. I can only imagine what people would sell it for online. For $1,290, that phone better be able to tear off Chuck Norris' chest hair also.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

As former Editor of JPP, Arya likes to entertain peeps with his thoughts on pop culture, when he's not busy watching Battle Royale for the 200th time. He lives in Brooklyn with a comic book collection that's always the most daunting thing to move with, and writes for Artboiled.com.


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