Soap Operas on their final push for survival

If you're like me, you generally hate all reality TV and fake annoying sitcoms. The worst of them all is the Valerie Bertinelli like soap operas, or what they should be called "Rich white people vying for more money with one another and co-starring a black person." I truthfully cannot stand how dumb they are. I don't know what is worse, soaps or Lifetime having its own movie channel. That is right ladies you can see your EVIL man movies all day and night.

Anyway the point here is that soaps are losing female interest heavily. It has gotten so bad that the entire cast of "All My Children" took a pay cut. That includes soaps biggest star Susan Lucci.

"All My Children" isn't the only soap taking a hit, "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital" stars are also taking hits thanks to an ABC cost cutting policy. ABC isn't the only 3 letter network cutting costs, NBC is actually releasing 2 of their veteran actors of "Days of our Lives," Deirdre Hall and Drake Hogestyn after decades of being on the show. This is due to honestly some of the economic crisis going on today. It has caused audience erosion, add that to the 1995 OJ trial that took up all of the networks time, and the loyalty of soap watchers has severely diminished.

Soaps have been around seemingly since there was a television around. Thanks to the economy and people finding reality TV and sitcoms more appealing and family oriented (don't ask, ratings don't lie) the soap opera is just old news. The Same situations and character models don't help either. If you have the same charater for 32 years like Deirdre Hall, it can be a little hard to compete with the likes of Miley Cyrus and other teen pop sensations. Good luck Susan Lucci and the rest of you drama style big jaw havin peeps.

Sean Anthony


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