2008 JustPressPlay Game Awards

Oh 2008 how I miss thee. So many good games, so many potential women not fornicated with as a result. With 08 officially over, it's time to break out the best of 08 awards. We kick it off the biggest award of them all.


Game of the Year- Saints Row 2


No, there will be no predictability here. 2008 to me had a theme about the underdog winning the big one. In early 08, the New York Giants overcame quite arguably the most badass team in the history of the NFL, The New England Patriots, to win the Super Bowl. The NBA's worse team of the 06-07 season, The Boston Celtics, completed a total 180 and won the NBA title. Hell, the most unlikely of candidates; Barack Obama, took the US by storm to win the election. Yet, in the middle of all that hoopla, another underdog faced an even bigger titan. The Goliath was GTA IV, the David Saints Row 2, the outcome, sweet victory.

Maybe comparing SR2 to David is a bit much. David in the bible was seen to be just a humble kid, who wanted to save his people. There's nothing humble about the way Volition came after Rockstar, they knew where GTA fell short, and where they could succeed. Granted, SR2 had the advantage of coming out later, you have to believe that making the most fun game possible was their aim the entire time. Despite a very serious storyline it never took itself seriously. Saints Row 2 pitched realism out the window for over the top, pure, unadulterated fun. In short, there are a handful of games that will be called Game of the Year, and I'm sure GTA IV will be among them. So who deserves it more than the game that spat in the face of the king, dared to be better, and achieved in every sense of the word?

2nd place- Fallout 3medal-red-silver
3rd place- Fable 2medal-red-bronze

Julian Moorer


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