3D Hits This Years Superbowl

For the first time in history, this years Superbowl will have its very first 3D commercial breakmonster_vs_alien featuring a teaser of Dreamworks upcoming Monsters Vs Aliens, which also will appear in 3D.

Forget the days (for those of you that can remember) of the old fashioned 3D glasses with one red and one blue lens which were probably better for tripping on acid than watching a movie. Dreamworks has gotten together with Intel to come up with state of the art glasses. State of the art as you can get for disposable cardboard ones that is.

You can get these new shnazzy glasses at any SoBe Lifewater displays in grocery stores, drug stores and other retail outlets.

The commercial break will be broadcasted at the end of the second quarter along with a 60-second 3D SoBe Lifewater commercial marking the return of the ultra-hip lizards.

Monsters Vs Aliens hits theaters on March 27th in the U.S.




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