Funny: Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" Sequel Idea


You know how it is with big movies. Sometimes, a sequel is just inevitable.

If your film hits the box office jackpot, someone somewhere is rubbing their greasy hands together, cooking up a plan for a repeat performance. Even Watchmen, which no one in the creative team wants to make a sequel out of, isn't guaranteed immunity to this practice. Especially if the movie becomes a huge hit, as it's shaping up to be.

Anyone who's ever read the graphic novel knows that a continuation of the story is pretty much out of the question, but if it ends up a huge hit, it'll never be completely out of the question. In that case, what would Zack Snyder's sequel look like? Really weird, apparently.

557-watchmenrorschachI was going to make a thing called Planet Rorschach. So you see this planet, and it’s covered with New York City. It’s like a planet of New York City. There’s no suburbs. There’s one giant Empire State Building, like Mount Olympus, in the middle of it. And hovering above the needle is Manhattan, blue, glowing. But the planet’s going, “Hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm.” You can’t tell, it’s this big, deafening, “Hurm.” And as you get close, you go down into the city and the whole world is populated with Rorschachs. And they’re all bumping into each other, going, “Hurm, hurm, no compromise, hurm, hurm, Armageddon.” That’s basically it. So I was like, “Is that the movie you guys want to make?”

(Okay, maybe this is only funny if you're familiar with the Rorschach character, but seriously... It's gold.)

Asked about the follow-up possibility in this NY Times interview, Snyder admits that, in truth, WB can do whatever the hell they want with the film—though they'd have to do it without the support of Snyder or any of the actors.

Hey, they already got Len Wein to write a prequel story for a video game tie-in. They could just as easily get some other hack to do a prequel/spin-off movie.

Snyder's holding his ground, at least. He says the same about the 300 sequel, which not surprisingly is in high demand.

The way I would do it is if Frank drew a graphic novel, it came out in the marketplace and people said, “That’s pretty cool.” And I read it and said, “You know what, Frank, that’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll make this into a movie.” That is the only version – the studio wants it to be, sit with Frank, come up with an idea, write a screenplay, maybe he’ll do a graphic novel based on the screenplay. I’m like, “Yeah, I want nothing to do with that.”

Such a purist. Reasonably cool of him to do so, I must say. Read the full interview here. It's Snyder's first since the whole lawsuit hoopla, so it's pretty interesting.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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