Unwritten Law Frontman Loses Home

russoScott Russo, long time vocalist for California rock band Unwritten Law, has recently lost his Rancho Penasquitos home to a devastating fire. The fire, which was reportedly started in his daughter's upstairs bedroom, consumed the home after Russo was unable to contain it. Thankfully Russo's family all made it out unharmed, but regrettably an estimated $500,000 worth of uninsured damage was done. Not only that but the house is also the same that Russo grew up in, and prized possessions such as a gold record belonging to Unwritten Law and Russo's first guitar are now gone.

“I am at a complete loss for words,” Russo says.  “My entire family is now homeless, all our pets are gone and our earthly possessions have been lost. In these tough times, my family had been out of work and the financial burden was too heavy for me to afford fire insurance. The support from my friends has been overwhelming.”

The support for Russo and his family in the San Diego area has been immense. Fellow San Deigans Jason Mraz, Switchfoot and Timmy Curran have all stepped up and will perform a benefit concert alongside Unwritten Law at San Diego's House of Blues. For more information about the concert or to make donations to the Russo family visit the band's MySpace.

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