"The Bachelor" and Why it Needs to End

In case you didn't catch it (you probably didn't as the ratings are falling) the bachelor, Jason Mesnick, choose Melissa then on the special, changed his mind for the other girl Molly. Now people found this appalling and many others thought it to be a staged stunt for a ratings boost and to regain some of its former glory. To everyone I say simply, who gives a damn?

The show in itself, is a sham. If you go to the wiki page for "The Bachelor" you will see that only 2 of the 13 shows have had "success." That is roughly, a 15% success rate. That doesn't include that both of the "successes" are still engagements and that my guess is that this current one will fail. The question we need to ask is, "why do we care?" This show has been successful on such a minimal scale and done nothing, that it amazes me why this is news.

The show is senseless. It has created the awful spinoffs like Flavor of Love, I Love New York and my least favorite, Rock of Love. All of these shows are shams. How many of them are there? We had a few Flavor of Loves, New York got her own show about herself, which made me want to commit suicide, and Brett Michaels is looking for love via a bus now. How much can you love these plagues of society? Tiffany Pollard (New York) couldn't act for sh-t and is a nut case, add that in with her psycho bitch mom left her dad for one of the guys on her show was a contestant and damn, that is crazy. Brett Michaels is a has been and is doing this show simply to get laid. I mean come on! A bunch of girls that were born when Michaels was relevant love him? That is over the top retarded. Flava Flav is pure weird and nasty. I liked him as basically a hype man, but when it comes to it, how did he get someone as hot as Nicole Alexander (Hoopz)? It obviously failed because it was fallowed by 2 more shows. I mean seriously people, stop watching this bullsh-t!

I want to hear what everyone has to say about this subject. It astounds me that people continue to watch reality TV like it is new or that it isn't staged to an extent. These shows promote lying, cheating, stealing and disloyality, yet people continue to watch this plague. I know why, but in the end what is the benefit?

Sean Anthony


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