"Watchmen" Opening Credits Online


Video is back up... for now.

Video pulled at Warner Bros. request.

yU+Co, the company that made the opening titles for Watchmen, has put the sequence online for all to see.

Like Snyder's Dawn of the Dead, the opening credits end up being pretty much the best part of the movie. I was going to tell people that if they need a reason to see Watchmen in theaters, this is it, but hey, now they can just watch it online. Check it out below.


Download it in Quicktime format (Right click + Save)

But what do you guys think of the use of Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'"? I kind of like it, but then again, I'm a Dylan fan. It's just that it's so on-the-nose. Playing it during a montage showing the changing of times from 40s to 80s? Come on.

The song did appear in the graphic novel, but only in the bonus supplements, not the story. The title of the song is used in Ozymandias' Nostalgia perfume ad. It's that ironic thing where a well-meaned song about social upheaval is bastardized into a tool of commercialism (think Nike using Beatles' "Revolution" to sell shoes).

I do find the handling of Silhouette and her nurse lover quite masterful here, though. Both times I've seen this with an audience, they always cheer at the kiss, then fall deathly silent at the murders.

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