Arnold's Reason for Denying "Terminator" Cameo

arnold-terminatorThe Terminator franchise is moving on without the man that made the character famous. The question that has been popping up in fans' minds is Arnold Schwarzenegger's cameo in the new film. I've now seen director McG address fans twice now, first at last July's Comic Con and then the WonderCon just less than two weeks ago. Both times, McG coyly alludes to, but wouldn't confirm, an Arnold cameo as T-800.

This weekend, Arnold himself spoke to fans at the annual Arnold Classic sports & fitness festival (Did anyone else not know about this? Apparently it's considered top competition for bodybuilders and strongmen) about his reluctance to be involved.

But you know as I said to the director when they began that I wish them the best of luck, that I'm happy that they move forward with the franchise, I am very happy with where I am with my profession as the Governor and they should try to find a way of doing a story that does not include me at all, not even one single shot in it. I don't believe in that. To kind of have them go out and promote the movie and say you know Arnold is in the movie and everyone thinks that I'm the Terminator and in fact you only see one second of me in there and so I don't think thats the right thing to do. And you know that's the danger of that, and that's why I feel reluctant to be part of the movie in the first place. So it doesn't get promoted that way.

[via The Arnold Fans]

Ah yes, movie marketing is a tricky dick. Previously, the plan was to have a bodybuilder double for Arnie and ILM would paste a young Arnold's face to the body, then have him do some dubs. If Arnold's not comfortable with it, though, seeing how, as McG pointed out himself, being a Governor means he has to consult the public appearances he makes with advisors (especially since this state's economy is in the toilet right now), he might not sign off on that, either.

Speaking of Terminator Salvation cameos, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick are still in talks, although Patrick's cameo is going to wait for a prospective sequel. The idea for Hamilton's cameo is to have her provide voiceovers as Sarah Connor that would bookend the film. Patrick's cameo is trickier. McG's idea is to have him play a scientist researching cell regeneration to cure diseases, hinting at the finished product being the T-1000.

Terminator Salvation opens May 21st.

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