Crap You Probably Shouldn’t See: “I Love College” Music Video

asherrothAbout three months ago, Arya Ponto brought us the awesomely bad music video of Chris Dane Owens’ “Shine on Me.” Today, I bring you the just plain bad music video for Asher Roth’s “I Love College.” Why would I want to share something so offensively awful? Because people must be warned, especially any high school seniors or college-bound youths out there. Someday soon, there’s a frighteningly good chance that this dreck is going to become the “soundtrack” to half the sub-moronic frat houses across the country. Brace yourself.

Borrowing the subdued verse riff from “Say It Ain’t So,” Asher Roth (and his production team) manage a feat that not even “Beverly Hills” could: the first degree murder of Weezer. Some have tried comparing Roth’s delivery and flow to that of Eminem’s, but that’s a pretty cold thing to say relating to Mr. Mathers. I prefer connecting him to someone like, say, Jonny 5 of Flobots. And I’m not even going to bother dissecting the “fresh” lyrics. Drunks at the make-believe parties depicted in this video have spouted deeper and more fascinating things than what comes out of Roth’s mouth.

Adding to the pain of this video is what I believe to be a cameo by the guys from the Cool Kids (about fifty seconds in and at least one more time after that). Slumming? I’m just going to assume that they wandered onto the wrong set and were fed enough beer to think that their appearance was a good idea. Unfortunately, no amount of alcohol is going to make you tolerate the laughable stereotypes plastered across this camera.


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Matt Medlock


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