Television Snippets - Week of 4/24


Accept apologies for my two week break. It won’t happen again.

We’re heading into the end of the Season, so it only makes sense that many of our favorites showed repeats. LOST, House, and many others opted to show repeats this week to give themselves a breather before we head into May sweeps. As a result, much of the news to discuss comes from upcoming summer shows and, of course, South Park.

South Park this week addressed the issue of Somali Pirates and, while not being one of their funnier episodes from this season, it was extremely multilayered. On the most basic level, Cartman ridiculed the pirates for not wearing hats, plundering for gold, and having parrots. On a much deeper level, much was said about the circumstances that would bring someone to piracy and what that means for how we react to these situations. They also touched on the theme of being happy with what you have, which tends to be an underlying theme of the series as time goes on. It’s nice to see that, despite years of becoming more and more of a pillar of pop culture, they are consistent to some themes they’ve always represented.

Meanwhile on Rescue Me, this week's episode finally sees the season's newly introduced subplot of Franco being a 9/11 Truther (inspired by actor Daniel Sunjata's own personal beliefs) addressed directly with a fight between him and Mike, each of them arguing which belief is more respectful to their fellow firefighters who died on 9/11. By the end of the episode, the two make up and engage in open conversations, which suggests that Rescue Me is on the position that differing theories are fine as long as they allow for civil dialogue. It's consistent with how the show has always taken the position that openly talking and discussing what happened on 9/11 being more healthy than holding it in. We'll see if that ends that, or if the issue will come up again in future episodes.

Another FX show, Sons of Anarchy, returns for a new season in September, but they begin shooting this Monday, so expect some snippets to emerge closer to the summer.

Still no Alpha or Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse, but there is hope that fans will be able to catch the upcoming “Epitaph One” episode, which is currently off the schedule. Expect the episode to feature none of our current Doll favorites but to give us information about the history and origins of the Dollhouse itself. As of now, we still don’t have any word on if the series will be renewed for another year.

Speaking of shows that are in danger of cancellation, too many of you still aren’t watching Kings. Moved to what many could claim is the only spot worse than Friday night, Kings was first moved to Saturday nights, and then when that inevitably didn’t improve viewership, they suspended the show until June. The only positive about this is that it seems that we’ll have the last of Kings coincide with the end of Pushing Daisies, also returning mid-summer to finish its run. Expect more details as they emerge.

Speaking of the summer, I hope you’re all ready for new seasons of True Blood, Weeds, Entourage, and many other summer favorites that will start returning in June.

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