Uncensored Version of "Mother Lover"

It took a week since the video's debut, but we finally have the uncensored version of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's follow-up to their megahit "Dick in a Box," the equally wrong Mother's Day anthem "Mother Lover." This one has no bleeps and no audience laughter.

What do you think? Funnier than the censored version?

Saturday Night Live's 34th season ended this past Saturday with a big blowout show, having former cast Will Ferrell host. It was a pretty terrible show for the most part, as we are (sadly) getting used to with SNL, but one exception was the returning "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch, which surprisingly didn't run on nostalgia alone. Darryl Hammond and Will Ferrell still have excellent rapport as the dueling Trebek-Connery. Surprise guest Tom Hanks was hilarious playing a bumbling version of himself and Norm MacDonald made a drop-in as Burt Rey... I'm sorry, Turd Ferguson.

They weren't the only cameos. Aside from Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph returning, the finale's last sketch was a bizarrely unfunny rendition of "Goodnight Saigon" which featured Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Moss and Artie Lange. The show was also light on Samberg, probably due to his MTV Movie Awards commitment. As a whole, it paled in comparison to the previous week's solid Justin Timberlake episode.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

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