Hasn't Eminem Learned NOT To Go To The MTV Awards?

bruno-mtvawardsUPDATE 06/03/2009 - Eminem has came forward and revealed that he and Sacha Baron Cohen rehearsed the whole stunt, down to Eminem's mock disgusted walk-out. "I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it," he said, claiming to be a big fan of the actor's work.

Original Article:

At this point Eminem cannot be surprised when MTV takes the chance to F with him due to his constant slamming of MTV and panning of their culture. I happen to agree with him on MTV and how it ruins our society (how do you call yourself Music Television and all you show are shitty reality shows???). On the same accord, Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the funniest guys out there today and holds nothing back with his humor and especially with his new super gay euro character, Bruno.

As you can see with this picture, Sacha (or rather Bruno) got his jockstrap full of testicles and his pair of basted hams right in Em's face to Em yelling angrily, "Are you serious?!" to which I say, yes... They are TOTALLY serious.

According to E! online, Eminem knew that Bruno would be falling on him but had no idea about the ass-free man-thong he would be wearing. As he fell on Em and he went Ryan Leaf berserk, he and his posse upped and left. There are some saying it was just a stunt and Eminem overreacted on purpose, but if we remember his hatred for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, I think a pair of boys in his face would anger him more than LeBron in Game 6.

The simple point here, people, is this: as long as Eminem continues to feed the MTV fire with his lyrics and continues to go to their overrated "movie awards show," they will continue to screw with him because it draws ratings. MTV, while destroying the point of "Music" in their name, find ways to interest even me from time to time and Andy Samberg helped that as well. From his bashing of High School Musical 3 to his great duet with Will Ferrel about action dudes not looking at big explosions, it was a rather entertaining MTV movie awards night.

Sean Anthony


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