Disney Princesses in the Real World


"Fallen Princesses" is an incredible series of seven conceptual photographs by Dina Goldstein that take a look at the real problems facing real women today, projected at the fairy tale princesses, all of whom propagate the "happily ever after" myth.

It's no accident than she chose to use the Disney versions of these fairy tale characters, as these are the ones little girls are most familiar with, and the ones that whitewash the more sinister original stories.

"As a young girl, growing up abroad, I was not exposed to Fairy tales. These new discoveries lead to my fascination with the origins of Fairy tales. I explored the original brothers Grimm's stories and found that they have very dark and sometimes gruesome aspects, many of which were changed by Disney. I began to imagine Disney's perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues."

In the photo above, we see a Rapunzel turned bald from cancer. Depressing, yet fabulous.

Check out the rest of the series, all 7 of them, where you'll meet the likes of alcoholic Cinderella, Princess Jasmine fighting US troops and Belle going from beauty to beast via plastic surgery.

Arya Ponto • Contributor

As former Editor of JPP, Arya likes to entertain peeps with his thoughts on pop culture, when he's not busy watching Battle Royale for the 200th time. He lives in Brooklyn with a comic book collection that's always the most daunting thing to move with, and writes for Artboiled.com.


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