Music Video Corner V

speechdebelleTime for another edition of Music Video Corner where JPP shares recent videos from a variety of artists. The clips on hand this time come from indie singer/songwriter St. Vincent, art rockers Mew, Mercury Prize-winning rapper Speech Debelle, garage punk outfit Johnny Foreigner, dance pop trio Chew Lips and seasoned alt-rockers Eels. The classic video this time comes courtesy of Britain’s Placebo (indeed, mediocre bands can produce great videos). Check them all out after the break.


Mew – "Repeaterbeater"

A “pretentious art rock” band like Mew (their words, not mine) probably can’t help but go “pretentious” and “arty” on their music videos. But I can only assume that this is being played very tongue in cheek—the song doesn’t even start until the two-minute mark. You can also check out Mew’s video for “Introducing Palace Players” here.


Eels – "That Look You Give That Guy"


St. Vincent – "Marrow"

What a surprise—another great St. Vincent video. Strange and unsettling…so, very Annie Clark.


Chew Lips – "Salt Air"

They haven’t released an album yet, but two singles in and Chew Lips are looking quite promising. This one benefits from the multimedia treatment: a solid song elevated by the creative work of Bullet and Man vs. Magnet.


Speech Debelle – "Spinnin’"

Speech Debelle recently won the Mercury Prize for her Speech Therapy album (awarded for the best album to come out of the UK or Ireland). “Spinnin’” was the fifth single to be released from the record, and may very well be the catchiest yet.


Johnny Foreigner – "Criminals"

And the classic:


Placebo – "Pure Morning"

I wanted to hate this video when I first saw it since Brian Molko looked entirely too melodramatically gut-wrenched (and with the black nail polish, seemed to be just any other over-afflicted emo/goth frontman). But the direction is almost hypnotic and I was drawn in. A strange clip, but stylishly executed.

Matt Medlock


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