MVFF '09: An Education


How much is your education worth? Nick Hornby's script has impressionable characters and sharp dialogue, but raises compelling dilemmas, then cops out of answering the questions raised. After a flawless first half, the story deteriorates.

Disappointing, considering the strong performances. Alfred Molina's fantastic, and it's always nice to see Olivia Williams even if I already have a weekly fix of her, though it's Carey Mulligan that's deserving every praise her way as the brilliant up-and-comer.

This is a capsule review for a film festival. We'll have a full review of the film on opening day.

• • •

An Education opened in New York and Los Angeles October 9th, and will see an expansion on October 16th.


Running time: 100
Country: UK
Category: World Cinema
Directed by: Lone Scherfig
Producers: Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey
Screenwriter: Nick Hornby
Cinematographer: John De Borman
Editor: Barney Pilling
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Emma Thompson, Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina


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