52nd Grammys May Be a Bore

grammyposterI'm not going to lie. I've been one of the most vocal supporters of the Grammy Awards over the last few years. I wrote an article detailing how much I enjoyed the performances last year, and I even get a heightened sense of anticipation every time the album of the year is about to be announced at the end of every evening. With the 52nd Grammys less than a week away though, I sadly couldn't care less. After reading the unimaginative list of performers and nominees for this year's ceremony, I'm starting to think that the Grammys may be a total waste of a Sunday night this time around.

The big news and big draw for people to tune into the Grammys on Sunday is the 3D tribute that will be shown in honor of the late Michael Jackson. I realize that 3D has suddenly become the next big thing again, but I just find the idea less than appealing. By stopping into your local Target store sometime this week, you can pick up a clunky pair of cardboard 3D glasses that are to be worn once the Jackson tribute airs. For everyone not living close to a Target, the "mini-movie" (as it is being advertised), is just going to look bad. To make sure that the sound of the tribute isn't bad though, an all-star cast of musicians will be singing in tribute of Jackson. Those artists are Celine Dion , Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Usher and Smokey Robinson. Sorry, but it still doesn't sound all that appealing.

The Michael Jackson tribute may not have that "must watch" appeal, but at the very least it sounds as if it'll be much more interesting than the rest of the planned performances. Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, Dave Mathew Bands, Green Day, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Maxwell, Pink, Taylor Swift and the Zac Brown Band round out the currently announced performers. Oh and lucky us, Grammy viewers get to decide what song Bon Jovi will perform live. Joy. Please don't pick "It's My Life," viewers. Pleeeease.

jacksonthisisitIn the past, the Grammys have surprised us with interesting pairings and unannounced performers. It seems as if, during the past decade, they haven't given in entirely to what's popular but instead have been mindful enough to honor some of what has been lauded and appreciated among true music lovers. In turn though, they've faced the wrath of annoying bloggers and Gen X radio personalities because of their decision to not completely give in and showcase what is on the top of the charts.

Now this annoying blogger is angry for what seems like a complete lack of integrity on the Grammys part. In an attempt to get a younger, more hip audience on Sunday night, a good lot of what is bad in popular music will be paraded in front of a national audience. Of course music is subjective, and maybe the ratings for the 52nd Grammy Awards will go through the roof (doubtful), but I just find it sad that "music's biggest night" is on it's way to becoming "music's biggest joke."

Tyler Barlass • Editor

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