THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WTF: Batman, Superman... What About Daredevil?


Today we mourn the loss of a talented studio and the uprising of unoriginality. So what else is new in filmworld? Everybody's all abuzz about a certain Batman savior taking the reigns of another DC Comics superhero; and speaking of DC, we might get a documentary in just a few short months.



• The guys behind the excellent documentary Spellbound—director Jeffrey Blitz and producer Sean Welch talked to Collider and confirmed that DC Comics has asked them to create a feature documentary on the publishing giant for their 75th anniversary. Even better, they're looking to have the movie delivered (at least in rough version) in time for this year's Comic-Con. Well, there's something to look forward to this July. Check out what they have to say about the project.

In an interview with LatinoReview, Saw series writer Patrick Melton posits that the long-running franchise will come to an end with their seventh installment, citing Saw VI's disappointing return. About damn time. So kids, if you don't like something, do whatever you can to help them lose money and they will put it to pastures.

• If IFC was a man, I would be a urologist because I really admire their balls. They've acquired the rights to the highly controversial film The Killer Inside Me, which caused quite a stir at Sundance. This signals another chapter in IFC's efforts to release off-putting movies. Good.

• Just when you thought that virus outbreak movies were all played out back in the 90's, a new one is coming that actually has potential to be excellent. The Playlist reports that Contagion is going to be Steven Soderbergh's next project, reuniting him with writer Scott Z. Burns and star Matt Damon (all three worked on The Informant!). The script is supposedly a terrifying action-thriller about a deadly virus spreading over four continents, told Traffic-style. Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard are also involved.

• Here's a very impressive teaser trailer for an upcoming short film called Lost for Words that's giving me a bit of a good Guillermo del Toro vibe. I don't really know what it's about yet, but it's already intriguing from visuals alone.



• Sad, sad day for animation, folks. Hong Kong studio Imagi, who I expected to become the next big thing in animation, has closed down due to the economy. Their second feature Astro Boy was a worldwide bust, and they were already down HK$700 million at that point. This is disheartening because I believe that their next project, Gatchaman, could have been something, and the company itself has a fun, fresh approach to CG animation that I'm sad to see gone.

• Nobody's going to be surprised by this, but Transformers 3 might be going 3-D according to this Variety piece, despite director Michael Bay's insistence that it's just a fad. After all, producer Steven Spielberg has expressed interest in the medium. Bay's main concern is that his aggressive shooting style is not fit for 3-D cameras, but the solution Paramount offered is to convert to 3-D in post-production.

I'm not wild about all these 3-D movies, but if you're going to do it, at least do it right and shoot it 3-D. If Bay could work around shooting Transformers 2 on IMAX cameras—even though it was mostly background plates anyway—I'm sure he'll find a way to shoot some 3-D Transformers scenes.

• The 24 movie is finally back on again, according to Variety. Fox has hired Breach and Shattered Glass director Billy Ray to pen the script. Ray seems to have a handle on this type of material and his pitch of putting Jack Bauer in Europe has merits, but one has to question if 24 even makes sense as a movie.

I know that at this point Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer is all fans care about to see, but there's something to be said about the original gimmick. If they can't work real time and 24 hours into the movie (which is logically impossible), why even bother?

• This is not exactly unexpected, but a Daredevil reboot is coming. We've all seen it coming the minute Disney bought Marvel—studios who have rights for Marvel heroes must keep redoing these movies or the rights revert to Disney. I'd much rather see a better sequel (yes, even with Affleck) than another frakkin' Daredevil origin, but who really cares at this point. And this is coming from a big DD fan.

• Do you know what Fast Five is? It's actually the title of the fifth—yes, fifth—The Fast and the Furious movie. Since they don't seem to have anything else going on soon that are that interesting, all of the players from the previous movie (which was the highest-grossing F&F yet) are back, from director Justin Lin to writer Chris Morgan to stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.



I don't know what the hell Dolph Lundgren is up to, but whatever this is, it's AWESOME.

Speaking of action stars of yesteryears, while Steven Seagal is putting his skills to the test by chronicling his adventures as a cop on reality television, Jean-Claude Van Damme is looking to do the same in an even more dangerous fashion. ESPN reports that Van Damme has announced a reality show in which the 50-year-old actor will fight an Olympic Thai boxer in a bout in Macau. JCVD, we hardly knew ye.

• Patrick Bateman is going Broadway! And he'll kill anyone to get there. Songwriter Duncan Sheik and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa are collaborating on an American Psycho musical. As strange as this sounds, I think this is quite fitting. The book and movie are over-the-top satire already; a musical would only highlight the theatricality of the yuppie lifestyle even further.

• I admit that I'm absolutely baffled by the news of Warner Bros putting Chris Nolan in charge of rebooting Superman. From what Deadline is saying, Nolan is not directing or writing the new Superman movie, but he is overseeing the project, but in what capacity? Batman and Superman are completely different characters that require two completely different approaches.

I'm sure Nolan isn't so dumb that he would reuse his Batman formula, but I'm rather tickled by the flimsy notion that WB is throwing Nolan toward Supes simply because he's made them lots of money. "This guy did Batman well, surely he can do Superman too!"

• I'm willing to bet my collection of Daisy Dukes that this is going to turn out as nothing but pure nonsense, but it's still the most baffling headline of the week. Courtesy of Cinema Blend: "Universal Planning A 3D Remake Of Jaws With Tracy Morgan?"

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