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Every year, I anticipate the San Diego Comic-Con with the glee of a fan who has yet to be jaded by the exponentially growing number of attendees and non-comic book related attractions. That doesn't mean that I'm not aware of how much bigger it's gotten in the past decade alone. For the past couple of years, there's been talk of either moving the con to another city like Las Vegas (to much resistance by all) or enlarging the convention center (with plenty of its own set of problems) because of the strain.

This year, I found myself choking in fear at the number of big-name panels inhabiting the esteemed center-of-all-things-blockbusters, Hall H, for almost the convention's entire duration. I remember the time when Saturday was the only day that Hall H would inspire Moses-like lines. Now it's going to be three days of movie madness, even though the big guns—ThorCaptain America and Green Lantern—are on Saturday. But those not wishing to battle the frontline of geekdom are not left out, though, because the usual oohs-and-aahs still haunt the convention floor.

For those attending to convention, or even if you just want to know what's going down in San Diego this year, here are the things to keep an eye out for that doesn't involve squeezing your way into panels.

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The corpse of the late Green Lantern Abin-Sur is on display inside a glass casket under the Warner Bros booth (#4545). It's the actual prop used in the movie and it looks impressively convincing. In the film (as well as the comics), Abin-Sur is an alien, a member of the GL Corps, that crash-landed on Earth and instructed his ring to find a worthy replacement, resulting in Hal Jordan, Earth's first Corps member.



Stan Winston Tribute

Honoring the recent legacy of the late VFX master, several of his armored creations will make an appearance at the Profiles in History booth (#1605) on the convention floor. Showing up in all their glory are all three life-size Mark I-III Iron Man suits from both Iron Man movies, as well as the fourteen-feet tall metallic monsters, Jeff Bridges' Iron Monger suit from Iron Man and Stephen Lang's AMP mecha from Avatar. All of these bad boys have made appearances at Comic-Con before in promotion of their corresponding films, but it's very cool that the Stan Winston Studios have kept them and are bringing them back together so fans can get a chance to see them in person.


Throne of Asgard

If Iron Man is old news to you, head over to the Marvel Studios booth (#2329) to see a piece of Asgard. A scale version of Odin's throne, as seen in one of the promo shots from Thor, is present for all to gawk at.



Sure, the movie that's going to get Ryan Reynolds the biggest reaction at the con is undoubtedly his starring role as Green Lantern, but the one pulling out the promotional stops is his Sundance hit Buried. Con attendees will get a chance to get buried alive like Reynolds' character in the film at the Lionsgate booth (#3729). Don't worry about figuring out an escape route, though, because there will be people to let you out, and even record a video of your burial to be posted online at the movie's official site.


To promote the release of the new Alien Anthology set, 20th Century Fox is bringing a replica of the doomed Nostromo to booth #3528 and allow fans the chance to enter the crew's famous hibernation chamber. It's always a treat when they do things like this. Like that year when they brought Nite Owl's ship from Watchmen, which even those of us unfazed by the movie were giddy about stepping into. 


Geoff Peterson

Back in April, Mythbuster's Grant Imahara constructed a robot skeleton to be Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson's TV sidekick. Named Geoff Peterson, the robot has never made a public appearance, until now. Fans can meet, greet and take photos of Peterson at the CBS booth (#4129).

Joey Chestnut Eating Mars Bars

What does the world hot dog eating champion have to do with the new Red Faction game? I was confused, too, at first—but if THQ wants these two worlds to collide, by god, they'll do it. Fresh off defending his title at Nathan's on 4th of July, Major League Eater Joey Chestnut is coming to Comic-Con to break the Guinness world record for most Mars Bars eaten in one minute. Mars, incidentally, is where Red Faction: Armageddon takes place. Come to the Tin Fish Restaurant directly across the street from the convention center on Thursday 1:30 PM to witness this disgusting (yet impressive) human feat.

Tron: Legacy

The Tron: Legacy booth over at Disney (#3712) commands attention immediately by displaying both the very cool-looking lightcycle and a big-ass recognizer that towers over everyone.



Be a Dexter Victim

As part of the promotion for Dexter's Season 5, Showtime has arranged a scavenger hunt to take place at Comic-Con and five major US cities simultaneously this week, using the SCVNGR app for iPhones and Androids. The Showtime booth (#4219) will hand out 100,000 temporary tattoos of cheek slashes (a signature of Dexter's) and encourages fans to take photos of them with the slash at various locations using the app and upload it to Apparently if you follow the clues, there will be a crime scene revealed somewhere near the convention center, and once 100,000 challenges have been unlocked, the website will debut a sneak peek of the upcoming season.

Or Be a Walking Dead

One of the hottest new TV shows coming this Fall is AMC's adaptation of zombie comic The Walking Dead. The AMC booth (#3721) for the show is a recreation of a scene from the pilot episode. Last year, AMC let fans take photos for their own ID card based on The Prisoner mini-series. This time, via a touch screen device, fans can take "zombified" photos of themselves and have it emailed.


Or Even a Superhero

See how it looks like when you have superpowers at the ABC booth (#3921) for the new show No Ordinary Family. Here, with the help of a hydraulics lifter, you can pretend to lift a car and impress the impressionable. Try not to strain your back.



We'll update with more entries (and pictures) as the convention goes on.

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