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Editor's Note: Unfortunately this promotion has expired and the service has reverted to trade-ins only for Warner Brother titles. DVDs from other studios are no longer accepted - hopefully they'll do this again soon though.

Warner Brothers' push to have consumers fully embrace the Blu-ray format started in April of last year when they announced their Red2Blu program, which allowed anyone who'd purchased a WB title on HD-DVD to exchange it with about $5 per disc and they'd receive the exact same title on Blu-ray. For anyone who'd sunk some cash in the defunct HD-DVD format it was a pretty nice deal; unfortunately other studios never jumped on board with quite the same gusto.

Then, at about this time last year, Warner Brothers announced an addition to the Blu-ray exchange concept: they put out a selection of 55 titles which, if you owned the DVD version, could be exchanged for the Blu-ray equivalent with the same $5 per disc fee added on (some cost a little more). The DVD2Blu program wasn't exactly all it was cracked up to be as the guidelines dictating exactly which edition of the DVD you owned were quite specific and even then the Blu-rays you could get out of the deal were barebone when it came to extra features (most were direct ports from their DVD format).

So what factor did Warner Brothers add to make DVD2Blu better?

First of all they nearly doubled the available titles to 105, and second, and perhaps more importantly, they've lifted the restriction on what you have to send them in exchange. There's still a monetary fee for each upgrade, but now you can send them any DVD release from any major or independent studio (no home burned DVDs, all you clever readers; or porn, sorry) in exchange for any of the available titles. They changed the business model from a mere format upscale, to a full-on exchange program.

The average prices for movies are either $5 or $7, and there are even a few TV titles for $15 or $20. They only accept the actual feature DVD (no extra features discs) and there's an exchange limit of 25 titles. Even with those two restrictions, this is easily the best version of the program yet, and it's a shame that Disney, Paramount, Fox, Universal, and Sony aren't following suit.

The obvious advantage of this program is that you can finally take those $3 bargain bin movies you purchased that you watched once, decided you hated, and then left to gather dust on your shelf.  The movies are usually bad enough that no one wants to buy them, and heck, no one even wants them for free. But now Warner does. So why not send it over with $5 attached and start making serious additions to your Blu-ray collection?

The list has quite a few great titles on it, and the funniest thing about it is that the best ones are usually the cheapest. And, if Warner Brothers' current practices are to be trusted, this list will only get bigger in about 6 months.

Here's a list of the titles available for exchange on DVD2Blu.com:

10,000 B.C. ($6.95)

2001: A Space Odyssey ($4.95)

Above the Law ($4.95)

Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut ($4.95)

American History X ($4.95)

An American in Paris ($4.95)

Any Given Sunday ($4.95)

Assassination of Jesse James ($4.95)

The Aviator ($4.95)

Battle of the Bulge ($4.95)

Beerfest ($4.95)

Beetlejuice ($4.95)

Blazing Saddles ($4.95)

Blood Diamond ($4.95)

Blow ($4.95)

Body of Lies ($6.95)

The Brave One ($4.95)

The Bucket List ($4.95)

Bullitt ($4.95)

A Christmas Story ($6.95)

Chuck: Season 1 ($14.95)

Chuck Season 2 ($19.95)

A Clockwork Orange: Special Edition ($4.95)

Collateral Damage ($4.95)

Constantine ($4.95)

The Cowboys ($4.95)

Dark City: Director's Cut ($4.95)

Deliverance ($4.95)

The Dirty Dozen ($4.95)

Dumb and Dumber ($4.95)

Elf ($6.95)

Eraser ($4.95)

Eyes Wide Shut: Special Edition ($4.95)

Final Destination ($4.95)

Firewall ($4.95)

The Fountain ($4.95)

Freddy vs. Jason ($4.95)

Fringe: Season 1 ($19.95)

The Fugitive ($4.95)

Full Metal Jacket ($6.95)

Get Smart ($4.95)

Gods and Generals ($4.95)

The Golden Compass ($6.95)

Grand Torino ($4.95)

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle ($4.95)

A History of Violence ($4.95)

John Q ($4.95)

Journey to the Center of the Earth ($4.95)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ($4.95)

L.A. Confidential ($6.95)

The Last Samurai ($4.95)

The Lost Boys: Special Edition ($4.95)

The Mask ($4.95)

Michael Clayton ($4.95)

Million Dollar Baby ($6.95)

Music and Lyrics ($4.95)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ($4.95)

Nip/Tuck: Season 4 ($14.95)

Ocean's Eleven ($4.95)

Ocean's Thirteen ($6.95)

The Orphanage ($6.95)

Pan's Labyrinth ($6.95)

The Perfect Storm ($4.95)

Pride and Glory ($4.95)

Pushing Daisies: Season 1 ($14.95)

Pushing Daisies: Season 2 ($14.95)

The Reaping ($4.95)

Rio Bravo ($4.95)

Risky Business ($4.95)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ($4.95)

Rumor Has It ($4.95)

Rush Hour 3 ($4.95)

A Scanner Darkly ($4.95)

The Searchers ($4.95)

The Shining: Special Edition ($4.95)

Shoot 'Em Up ($4.95)

Smallville: Season 6 ($14.95)

Smallville: Season 7 ($14.95)

Smallville: Season 8 ($19.95)

Speed Racer ($6.95)

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut ($4.95)

Superman Returns ($6.95)

Supernatural: Season 1 ($19.95)

Supernatural: Season 3 ($14.95)

Supernatural: Season 4 ($19.95)

Swordfish ($4.95)

Syriana ($4.95)

Taking Lives ($4.95)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 1 ($14.95)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 ($14.95)

Tango & Cash ($4.95)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ($4.95)

The Departed ($6.95)

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride ($4.95)

Training Day ($4.95)

Troy ($4.95)

True Romance ($4.95)

Under Siege ($4.95)

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory ($4.95)

V for Vendetta ($4.95)

We Are Marshall ($6.95)

The Wedding Singer ($4.95)

The Wild Bunch ($4.95)

Wyatt Earp ($4.95)

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