"Alien Anthology" Retrospective: Every Film, Every Cut, Every Extra Re-viewed and Reviewed


In addition to being one of the most stunning science fiction sagas of all time, the Alien franchise is also one of the most storied and combative. From the raging debate over which is better: Alien or Aliens, through Fincher's ultimately futile attempt to vanish down the rabbit hole from pursuant, angry Fox executives, to Jeunet's ill-fated attempt to resist his own eccentricities and "go Hollywood," we're not short on talking points. In honor of the much-anticipated Blu-ray release of the Alien Anthology (Quadrilogy wasn't a word, we knew it!), JustPressPlay revisits this breathtaking series (like we need an excuse) and examines every film, every cut, all the extras, and sees what's new.


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Neil Pedley • Associate Editor

Neil is a film school graduate from England now living in New York. In addition to JustPressPlay, Neil writes about for Uinterview.com as well as being a columist and weekly podcast host at IFC.com. His free time is spent acting out scenes from Predator in the woods behind his house, playing all the different parts himself.


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